Flux sprayer CA-400
MODE : CA-400 L-A.B

  1. Replace traditional foam tank, no pollution to solder tank
  2. Flux is contained in close pipe, no contact with air, plus precision FLUX flow control. Save the FLUX cost and weld adding function.
  3. PC board width automatic adjustment.
  4. Speed will follow conveyor line speed, detected by encoder.
  5. Spray start point and end point are adjustable.
  6. One way/two way spraying is selectable.
  7. Special alloy nozzle with auto cleaning function to provide spiral mist that cover PC board evenly.
  8. Suitable for any size of pc board, Max width 400mm (Special order accepted)
  9. All parts are imported high quality material with restrict testing to provide highest spray machine performance.

    Nozzle type :

    Screw type sector type

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