Auto flux sprayer
MODE : SP-1000

  1. Color Touch screen control system
  2. Automatic spray system with detect unit
  3. PC board width automatic adjustment
  4. Conveyor width auto adjustment (Touch screen control)
  5. Inverter line speed control (Touch screen control)
  6. Single/Twin spray selectable (Touch screen control)
  7. Spray action start/ending point fine-tune function (Touch screen control)
  8. Encoder type speed detector, line speed could adjust while spray in action
  9. Closed piping with air pump to prevent air contact. FLUX pressure stabilizer with precision flow control to save FLUX cost and provide best spray result.
  10. Special alloy nozzle with automatic cleaning function to keep nozzle block away
  11. Conveyor chain automatic cleaning function
  12. Counter function
  13. Long conveyor: 1000mm Max. (Pre-Ordered) to replace climbing unit.
  14. Easy operation, special technician is not required.
1.  Power : AC 220-240VB 3 phaseB 50-60HzB Max.1000W
2.  Exhaust : 8
3.  Air pressure : 4 - 6kg/cm2
4.  Size : 900*1000*1250mm(L*W*H)
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